Our staff is one phone call, fax, or e-mail away. Contact us if you have questions, need advice or want some assistance with the paperwork. Each member of Ready Money Capital is your personal link to financial information and help with an honest structured settlement.

Ramon A. Vicente, President

Ramon Vicente measures the value of his company in much more than dollars and cents. Every person Individual Benefits (IBI) helps is part of the company he keeps. President and CEO of READY MONEY CAPITAL, Ramon began his business after finishing his postgraduate business studies with honors at Tulane University in New Orleans. He spent several years as an NASD-qualified representative of Equitable Financial Companies and as outplacement consultant.

In 1992, he looked around and saw the cash flow industry as an industry with potential -- the potential to help its clients and to grow with integrity.

"Some of the best days are the ones when our staff get together and talk about our successes in going to bat for our clients. The others are when clients call to thank us."

Doris S. Comerford, Vice President

Doris Comerford is a graduate of UNC-Greensboro. She began her career as a Pension Specialist and a life insurance agent. Her love of direct one on one customer service coupled with her desire to be able to assist her clients in a time of need led her directly onto the industry.

"I see myself as more than a financial advisor and broker for my clients; I am a friend when they need one."


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