When your clients need cash, think READY MONEY CAPITAL.

Ready Money Capital can provide needed cash for your client's annuity payments, lottery winnings and even their life insurance. Ready Money Capital is the one option with so many alternatives to help your clients when they call you for help. Sometimes situations change unexpectedly. Maybe your client started a business or found the house of their dreams. Or unfortunately, perhaps an unanticipated financial emergency has arisen.

Ready Money Capital is there for you and your client. As a diversified cash flow company, we can help your client in so many ways that will specifically fit their needs. We can provide a lump sum of cash for may different types of future payment contracts.
Whether your client is receiving payments from a structured settlement annuity or as a result of winning a lottery, or is a senior citizen over age 65 with a life insurance policy, Ready Money Capital can facilitate the purchase of those future payments without adding more debt. Any contractual future payment due to your client that is guaranteed by a financially strong entity, could qualify for a lump sum amount.

Now or Later

Since 1992, our staff has helped thousands of individuals receive lump sums for their deferred income contracts. We will gladly answer any questions you or your client may have about selling deferred income payments. For more information, please call our client services department at: 1-888-READY42

Our representatives will explain all options with your client's present and future financial well being in mind. Your client can sell all or some of their periodic payments. We suggest that your client only sell those payments that would provide the amount necessary today leaving the remainder for the future.

There Is A Choice

Ready Money Capital will provide the experience and expertise to help your client receive a lump-sum amount for an otherwise rigid and inflexible stream of future payments. Whatever the need might be, opportunity or emergency, we can structure a transaction that will fit your client's specific financial need today. To begin the process, call or apply online for an immediate quote. Once your client has accepted a contingent offer, we will send an application for completion and a DHL return envelope for return of all requested materials. Upon receipt of required documents, the case will immediately go into underwriting so that contracts may be issued at the earliest opportunity.


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